Thursday, June 27, 2013

It's finally summer!

It's been over a year since my last post. Oops. Life lately has been crazy, stressful, busy, and amazing.

Last May, on my dad's birthday, I met Rick Mele. We clicked right away. We have been together since then. He is from Ohio, but he has lived in Utah for about 5 years. He's the greatest and I love him. He makes me laugh all the time and he spoils me rotten. Dating him has been the funnest adventure. My family adores him almost as much as I do... which is a lot. He makes me happy.

I have finished a few more semesters at UVU, and I'm currently just taking one online class and working. I got a job at The Cardio Group in Highland. I really am enjoying it. I work in the accounting department. I feel blessed that I found this job. I was working at Deseret Book for about 5 months. It was fun but I needed something that paid more to fit my spending tendencies ;)

My family is doing great. My dad recently took up golfing again. He got some new clubs and has been hitting the golf course whenever he finds the time. My mom is working at Deseret Book in the Distribution Center and really likes it. We got to work together for a few months and I loved it. Daniel has been training to be a manager at Cafe Rio which is awesome. He's leaving for Mexico this Sunday for a two week vacation. I'm just a little bit jealous. Emma is as tall as me and she's my best friend. We hang out all the time and she is hilarious.

We got a new addition to our family and I'm obsessed. My older sister, Aubrey, had her baby boy, Graham, last October. He's the most darling and sweet boy.


And I know everyone is wondering how Sammy is doing. He's still our baby and he's probably the most spoiled dog. That's okay, though. 


I'll try and keep this blog updated more. 


  1. Yes you'd better keep your blog updated!..and more pics of your baby Sammy! You are such a beauty! XO

  2. I love it all. The pic of Sammy all bundled up is the cherry on top to this post :)

  3. I love this post. The second picture of you and Rick is my absolute favorite.